Acacia charcoal from Namibia

The from our producer used acacia types are part of the so called invader bush; meaning – the rangeland is cleaned from little trees and small bushes  to prevent overgrow.

It is important to only use the hardwood types for the production of charcoal, so they don’t lower the quality with strong smoke development and sparks (e.g. mupane or iron wood).

In country areas this work is one of the little income opportunities which makes the production of charcoal from acacia socially and ecologically positive, next to its very good quality aspects


The charcoal (100% natural) is characterised by the following aspects: 

very fast and easy to light, smoke and spark free heat development.


Details of packing :  2,5 / 3  / 5 /KG     2-3   Kraft Paper Bag

  10/15 KG               PP-Bag

  individual labeling / logo possible


 For the technical specifications please refer to the added pdf-document.

Acacia Charcoal engl.spez.pdf
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Charcoal-Trade international – wood – Acacia charcoal
Acacia charcoal big lumps
an other charcoal kiln – Acacia charcoal
traditional charcoal kiln