Marabú charcoal from Cuba

The Marabu charcoal is traditionally produced from the branches and trunks of the Marabù bushes, a wild and invasive spreading plant.

“El marabú” (Dichrostachys cinerea), imported from Africa to the Carribean region in the 19th century, is a plant which develops into bushes and trees with up to 10m height.

Due to commercial crisis in Cuba in the 1990s, many agricultural areas were fallow which allowed “el marabú” to slowly spread on about 1.2mio. hectar.

If the bushes and trees are not being completely removed with their roots, they quickly start growing again after cuting down.

As beautiful as the flowers of “el marabú” are, as fast the thicket that the plant builds spreads in Cuba.

You can find Dichrostachys cinerea in the „Global Invasive Species Datadase“ of ISSG (Invasive Species Specialist Group),  where all plants are named that have to be cut down if they start growing out of there natural occurrence.

The deforestation that is happening in Cuba therefore is consistent with ecological views and supports the protection of the natural biosphere in Cuba.



The charcoal (100% natural) is characterised by the following aspects:

easy to light, very long lasting, smoke free glowing, strong heat development and a pleasurable grill aroma.perfect for greasy/oily



Details of packing :      12 KG   4 Kraft Paper Bag


                                              18.5 to 21.5 KG PP Bag

 individual labeling / logo possible


For the technical specifications please refer to the added pdf-document.

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Charcoal-Trade international – pleasurable grill aroma - Marabu charcoal, Quebracho charcoal, Acacia charcoal
Marabu charcoal - row material
Marabú charcoal big lumps
Marabú charcoal big lumps