Since our charcoal is so pure and made of dense, pure wood, we work with one of the only manufacturers of charcoal that can produce high performance shisha and hookah charcoal.

The pieces from 300 to 400 mm have such a low flavor profile and burns so consistently and long without smoke and sparks, your customers will only taste their tobacco and not a burned or ashy flavor.

You don´t have to think about, if you can trust that the binder is natural...

                     This charcoal don´t need binder it´s 100% natural !


lights quickly and easily
optimal burn time of over 1.5 Hours per 20mm piece
Ash color is Snow White
Low Ash Content
Charcoal Lights Completely and Glows Red
Charcoal does not turn off or go black once removed from the fire or placed on the arguile
High Efficiency and perfect Temperature for Shisha