Order quantities

Our worlwide minimum order quantity is a 40` HC Container which can be loaded between 18 und 22 t. charcoal depending which sort you will choose.

The standart is  "floor packed"  which means; as much as possible new white or coloured Polyprophylen - or kraft paper bags are proper stacked.

For an extra charge a palletizing is possible - which will mean a lower transport capacity.


As a special service within Central Europe - according to prior agreement - 

we are happy to offer smaller minimum order quantities from 1,5 to. up to a 40´container (approx. 20t).


Standart Term of delivery is FOB - any other Term could be offered with our well experienced seafreight carrier.

We offer world wide shipping! 

international shipping – Marabu charcoal, Quebracho charcoal, Acacia charcoal
world wide shipping of charcoal
Charcoal-Trade international – containership - loaded with charcoal
containership to your favorite Port